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A view from outside the business gives us a sophisticated perspective, which enables the identification of weak spots and possible optimizations or restructuring purposes – thus being the basement of a well-founded analysis. In accordance with your objective target, we work out a conception, based on the gained experiences, which are to be implemented by specific recommendations.

Whether we insert a team in situ or in the context of consultations for the realisation – it doesn’t just depend on the scope of order, but above all it depends on your ideas. Our consultants provide you with comprehensive advice and total commitment as your business requires them.

Our Coaching deals much more intensively with the consulting of the aspect of team leading. On the basement of analysed process, our consulter accompanies the teams of various departments with the best specific know-how – from the managing director to sale and marketing towards reservation and Revenue Management. The teams are led with the help of different instruments to optimize the next stage on process on their own, to strengthen the cooperation and to perceive their importance.

Working with a neutral observer simplifies the reorientation of behaviour and working procedures, and, as a consequence, the building of cross-functional teams. Furthermore, changes will be envisaged fundamentally and sustainably. AT Consulting assists you as a flexible and reliable partner.

Especially the domain / area of consulting brings various disciplines to bear, that our experts are concerned with: we like to think laterally and of quality in advance, we form networks and work out synergies to elaborate your business as effectively as possible.

Ask for our advice for

  • Professional business planning
  • Conclusive feasibility studies
  • In-depth reports 
  • Realistic financial planning
  • Viable overall planning
  • Tightly woven networks
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