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To enhance your product successfully and in the long term on the market, a well considered price and capacity strategy is indispensable. Our consulters have extensive experience to prepare you and your company for any unpredictable market scenario.


Yield management establishes the fundament for the budget compilation and has to be integrated in all activities of marketing.

Our revenue and yield consulting provides a founded basis of calculations and budget preparations, which takes an essential part in marketing strategy.

We would like to give you the necessary inputs, which are inevitable for a successful company management:

In addition to calculations of capacity or price adjustment related to supply and demand, also unpredictable factors like future demand, cancellation rate or external elements should be taken into consideration.


Dynamic solutions are indispensable for a dynamic market. Therefore, it is important to operate with a price - quality ratio management as flexible as possible.

Evaluating data from past load factors as well as from extern circumstances establish a basis for future forecasts, which in turn can be used as a starting point for a sustainable revenue management.

Together, we will develop:

  • Demand Calendar
    By recording and analysing the demand, you can estimate future consumer behaviour and react to it within adequate time.
  • Room Budget
    On the basis of retirement planning, you are best equipped to unforeseeable losses and able to deal successfully with the identified threats and risks.
  • Competitive Set
    By identifying your main competitors, you can optimize your own strategy.
  • Rate Shopping
    Due to access to online booking systems, you are able to find more information about surrounding competitors and about the availability developments of your region.
  • Packages
    Joint-offers in collaboration with sportive or cultural organisations enable you to make your business even more attractive and to address your product to new target groups.
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